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FastAid Evo-Bandage Premium Snake Bite Bandage

FastAid Evo-Bandage Premium Snake Bite Bandage

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Evo-Bandage Premium Snake Bite Bandage, 10cm, Latex Free

Tension and overlap indicators to ensure effective compression

Get the correct tension every time with our specially designed indicators printed onto the bandage. Never doubt whether the compression is too tight or too loose to effectively reduce the spread of snake venom.  

Ultra-long 9.9m length

Ultra-long bandage at 10cm x 9.9m stretched length to provide whole of limb coverage. This is important for effective snake bite treatment, as a shorter bandage may not cover the whole limb, restricting the effectiveness of slowing down the spread of venom. 

Thoroughly tested to ensure performance to AVRU recommendations

Pressure-tested to perform to AVRU (Australian Venom Research Unit) recommendations to ensure best-practice tension.  

Latex-free Bandage

Latex-free to prevent harmful skin allergy reactions - the last thing you need to be worried about when you've been bitten by snake!  
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